Our goal is to improve the health and well-being of the people of Wisconsin by focusing on environmental and public health issues.


This committee, that is Chaired by the Immediate Past President and consist of at least 3 members, shall conduct the WEHA Board of Directors election.
Trista Groth, Outagamie County Health Division

This committee shall consist of the four District Vice-Presidents and may include members of the Association. It is Chaired by a District-Vice President selected by the President. This committee shall promote membership in the Association.
Ian Wetzel- Waupaca County Public Health

This committee consists of the President Elect and at least six members. The Chair of the committee is selected by the President. The responsibilities of this committee is to develop and sponsor educational seminars to enhance the capabilities and knowledge of all member environmental health professionals. In addition, other work may consist of promoting careers in environmental health.
DeAnna Simerly, Waukesha County Health Department

Joint Educational Conference
This committee shall consist of the President-Elect and at least one other member of the Association. Their purpose is to represent the organization and collaborate with partner associations for the annual Joint Educational Conference. 
Laura Temke, West Allis Health Department

This five member committee, Chaired by a member appointed by the President, shall study existing and proposed legislation which affects environmental health professionals, or public health, and will recommend appropriate action by the Association.
Patty Lombardo, Polk County Health Department

The Awards Committee shall consist of five members who have been recipients of the WEHA Environmental Health Sanitarian of the Year Award. The committee assists in the nomination of a candidate for the WEHA Environmental Health Professional of the Year Award and WEHA Scholarships. 
Natalie Vandeveld, Outagamie County Public Health 

The Leadership Committee shall consist of the five most recent recipients of the Leadership Award. The committee assists in the selection of recipient of the Leadership Award and stipends.
Natalie Vandeveld, Outagamie County Public Health

This five member committee, chaired by the editor of WEHA News, shall include the four District Vice-Presidents. This committee shall furnish information about newsworthy events for the publication in WEHA News, which shall be published at least quarterly.
Natalie Vandeveld, Outagamie County Public Health

This three member committee, with a chairperson appointed by the President, shall be responsible to devise ways and means of raising funds for the operation of WEHA.
Brad Simerly – North Shore Health Department